Financial Planners

Disclaimer: No representation is made as to the fitness of any reference below. The reader must make his/her own inquiries.

Some of these people will obtain commissions through investing your money. Others will give you a fee for service. Others may combine the two. Ask before you retain.

Kathleen A. Miller MBA, CFP at Miller Advisors, Inc.: Bellevue 425-822-8122.

Hollo and Associates at Seattle: (206) 623-4952

Lisa Peters at Financial Group Inc: (206) 241-6521

Nancy Pellegino: (425) 201-2811 and
Lorraine Brooks: (425) 201-2815

Karri S. Upton at Edward Jones: (425) 427-6027

Steve Kessler: (206) 622-8394

Bruce Currier: (425) 827-6236