Reciprocal Enforcement of Financial Orders

I have a support order entered in a foreign jurisdiction. Will this be enforceable in Washington and visa versa, if I get an order in Washington, can I have it enforced abroad?

The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, (UIFSA), codified in Washington under RCW 26.21A regulates interstate and international enforcement of orders of support. Generally speaking the answer to the question above depends on the country. Some countries have reciprocal arrangements with the federal government in the U.S.A pursuant to Section 459A of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 659A). Unfortunately this has not provided a consistent approach between countries.  The 23 November 2007 Convention on the International Recovery of Child Support and Other Forms of Family Maintenance could have provided uniformity but, to date, only the USA and Burkina Faso have signed it. A signature is only evidence of intention to take further action.

Enforcement can be private or through the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, Division of Child Support (DCS).

Foreign judgments may also be filed and enforced in Washington pursuant to RCW 6.36.